For your perfectly-fitting pair of trousers:
your individual sewing pattern

The perfect fit

The secret of the perfectly-fitting jeans lies in the beginning of the production. We calculate the perfect sewing pattern from your measurements with a state-of-the-art technology that has been developed and honoured at the ETH in Zürich and which has revolutionised the perfect fit.

The best fabric

We use only the world's highest-quality fabrics to produce your pair of trousers. The processing of the cotton yarn requires extensive experience in design and production. Our partner weaving mills combine innovation and traditional craftsmanship and in doing so create the best kinds of fabric. The highest quality from the very first fibre to the finished product is our priority.

A beloved one of a kind

Your SELFNATION trousers are traditionally tailored by hand in one of our production facilities in Germany and Switzerland. Our experienced tailors take every single detail of your personal jeans into account. Before your unique specimen leaves our production facility, it is thoroughly and strictly checked for quality.

No risk

Each SELFNATION customer receives their perfectly fitting pair of trousers – each and every one in our team passionately works on keeping that promise. In case the perfect fit does not perfectly fit you for once, please contact Lena ([email protected]) and she’ll be able to help you out. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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