Photo: Classic Fit | Jeans

Original Selvedge

This exclusive Selvedge denim is produced by traditional means on a loom with shuttles. The trademark red weaving edge is visible when the pants are cuffed. The edge is also visible on the 5th pocket and is highlighted on all the back pockets for a stylish look. Selvedge is a heavy (16 ounces) and high-quality denim. It is traditionally sewn with saffron yellow thread and does not contain any stretch material. The robust Raw denim is not washed.

The Selvedge Denim is available in the styles of Straight Fit and Classic Fit. In order that the trousers can be cuffed, they are by default longer than other SELFNATION jeans.

All season denim, 16 ounces

Product details

Fabric 100% Cotton
Shipping time 21 to 23 working days
Price 249 USD (excl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)