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Comfort Selvedge

Compared to our classic selvedge quality, our Comfort Selvedge Denim includes two percent stretch fabric. Hence this fabric is perfect for those who appreciate selvedge but do not want to have to go without the wearing comfort that comes along with stretch quality.

The exclusive Comfort Selvedge Denim is manufactured on a traditional shuttle loom and is of very high quality. Its distinctive feature - the red and white selvedge - is slightly visible when rolling up the trousers and is reaccentuated on the 5th pocket as well as on the back pocket. The Comfort Selvedge Jeans are classically sewn with saffron-yellow yarn. We source this top-quality denim from Candiani, a company of long-standing tradition in Northern Italy.

The Comfort Selvedge Jeans are available in the styles Straight Fit and Classic Fit.

Year-round denim, 12.75 ounces

Product details

Fabric 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
Shipping time 21 to 23 working days
Price 249 USD (excl. VAT, excl. shipping costs)